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How To Post Longer Status Updates Over 420 Characters

It’s April 20th (4/20) today. While this number will ring quite a different bell to some of you, it reminded us of the maximum number of characters in a Facebook status update: 420. Now if you’ve ever tried to post a status update longer than 420 characters, you’ll have encountered the  Status Update Too Long error:

“Status updates must be less than 420 characters. You have entered xxx characters here. Notes can be much longer. Would you like to edit and post your update as a Note instead?”

What if you don’t want to post a note? What if you just wanted to post a very long status update? Well, here’s a simple hack to bypass the error message:

Step 1

Instead of sharing a regular “Status”, click the “Photo” tab and choose “Upload a Photo” from your drive.

How to post status updates longer than 420 characters

Step 2

Now select an image on your hard drive to post along your lengthy update. You can choose something that relates to its content, use a 1×1 white pixel image, or use our proposed image for the job. We believe that by uploading our image, you’ll increase your chances of getting likes.

How do you Like my supersized status update?” image. Right-click and save as a file to your computer.

Supersize Status Update

Step 3

Before you click the Share button, enter your extremely long message in the text field below. We’ve tried up to 10,000 characters without reaching a character limit, so the entire first chapter of your novel will be safe.

How to exceed 420 characters in a Facebook status updateStep 4

As soon as you hit “Share”, your post will look quite similar to a regular update, except for the image attached at the bottom. There will be a “See More” link to unhide the rest of your message if it exceeds about 1600 characters. The added bonus of using images is that you can edit your status update afterwards by going to the photo you’ve uploaded and editing its description.

Longer Facebook Status Updates

Did you find this trick useful? Do you often feel the need to post beyond 420 characters? If so, what on earth are you writing about? Seriously, we’d like to know!

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