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Facebook Quotes lets you recreate conversations as if they happened on Facebook. Via a simple web form, you can enter fictional or real names followed by either fake or historically accurate quotes. The site will then spit out a page featuring your fake status updates and comments, along with random, pixelated profile pictures and censored last names.

We considered creating something similar for a while, but it’s good to see somebody actually went ahead and developed a fake Facebook conversation generator. We would like it even more if the output was an image (or a fake screenshot) instead of HTML, which would make it easier to share your creations. And if you’re creating a series, it’s a bit annoying that the profile pictures randomly change for the same name.

If you’re inspired to create something like the superhero status updates using Facebook Quotes, be our guest and post the link(s) in the comments. We’ll feature the best ones in a future post.

 » Generate some fake Facebook Quotes.

To get the ball rolling, we fed it some of our favorite Mad Men dialogues…

Mad Men Facebook conversation

Mad Men Facebook dialogue

Mad Men Facebook

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