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Tag your friends as pirates!

We be damned if we didn’t post our trademark tag your friends picture in a pirate theme today. By the use of our “Tag like a Pirate” collage of famous pirates, including the likes of Jack Sparrow, Guybrush Threepwood and, err, Kanye West, you can tag up to twelve scurvy Facebuccaneers according to their pirattiude.

  1. The Wannabe Pirate
  2. The Incompetent Pirate
  3. The Dead Pirate
  4. The Cute Pirate
  5. The Drunk Pirate
  6. The Vengeful Pirate
  7. The Slimey Pirate
  8. The Half Blood Pirate
  9. The Cursed Pirate
  10. The Obsessed Pirate
  11. The Hot Pirate
  12. The Microphone Pirate

Avast! Click the picture below for the full version, save it to your computer and upload it to your wall to tag your friends as pirates…

Tag your friends as pirates - Tag like a pirate

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