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6th Folder, 6th Photo meme

Looking for a new Facebook photo mission to carry out? Check out this 6th Folder, 6th Photo meme which originated on blogs, but is just as easy to transfer to Facebook. Here are the six steps to follow:

1) Go to the photo folder on your computer (eg. My Pictures).
2) Open the 6th folder in this directory.
3) Go to the sixth picture in this folder (don’t cheat!).
4) Upload the picture to Facebook and describe it.
5) Copy-paste these instructions and add them to your photo description.
6) Tag six friends in your photo that have to join the challenge.

The 6th Folder, 6th Photo meme is known under many different names, such as The 6th Picture Challenge, Folder 6, Photo 6, My 6th Photo, 6th of 6th, 6th Photo Meme, and The Sixth Challenge.

Below is my 6th picture from the 6th folder, which is called Beyoncé.  Unfortunately Miss Bootylicious isn’t in the picture, but a lot of fans raising their hands in the air at her latest concert in Belgium are. Nice pixel projection though.

6th folder, 6th photo

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