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Facebook Fail: Google Wave fan page links to p*rn

Over a hundred comments and dozens of likes. That’s a record for a link posted on Google Wave‘s fan page on Facebook! Not that they’ve announced an exciting new feature, or linked to a tutorial that makes their product comprehensible. No, they seem to have posted a link to a Flickr account with pictures of a naked Asian girl under the shower. Ouch!

It’s not clear what exactly happened here. Did someone hack a Google Wave page admin’s Facebook account? Or is this an unofficial fan page not managed by Google, and did the anonymous owner give in to an easy prank?

According to the wall post’s comments, there was an innocent thumbnail picture of a Chinese man wearing funny glasses (…and clothes) when the link first got published. But a few minutes later, the image was replaced with that of a disrobed woman. So maybe it was the Flickr account that got hacked? Or did its owner pull a prank on Google?

Either way, the NSFW wall post has been taken down within half an hour after it went live. One can hardly ever put “boobies” and “fail” in the same sentence, but this case of Facebook fail is an exception. Another reason why Google hates Facebook?

UPDATE: The x-rated photos have now been removed from zikay’s Flickr account.

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Facebook Fail: Google Wave fan page links to p*rn Posted by on March 30, 2010 at 8:36 PM. Use this trackback if you're linking this story.

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