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Facebook Fail Friday: 10 Awful Facebook Ads

It’s been a while since we posted some really bad Facebook ads, so for this week’s Facebook Fail Friday we kept hitting the refresh button and here’s what we saw passing by…

Stupid Facebook Ads

Apparently gay millionaires are not as scarce as we thought.

Funny Facebook Ads

Is it us, or is this Christian girl… naked?

Funny Facebook Ads

They must really hate the poor cat, trying to raise absolutely zero money for Charlie’s recovery.

Silly Facebook Ads

And if you click this ad you’ll find out exactly what they’re expecting you to do on that kitchen table.

Stupid Facebook Ads

Guys, if you think it’s sexist to offer scholarships to female students only, be aware that you’re allowed to cross-dress as long as it’s PATENTLY OBVIOUS.

Funny Facebook Ads

Because the recession doesn’t affect Facebook users at all, we’ll all be eating gold for breakfast. It’s delicious with milk.

Funny Facebook Ads Fail

We love it when ads conflict with each other. What’s it gonna be today? Lose some or gain some?

Silly Facebook Ads

Sorry for being such a smart ass, but scoring a mere 74 would make me smarter already.

Stupid Facebook Ads

I think I just managed to score “infinity” on an IQ test by solving an “impossible” question.

Funny Facebook Ads
For those who have really zero to say to each other?

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