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30 funny Facebook photo album titles that will catch the attention of your friends

We know it’s a pain to come up with original and clever titles for your Facebook photo albums, especially if they contain yet another set of random pictures. So let yourself be inspired by our collection of 30 funny Facebook photo album titles that will definitely catch the attention of you friends, and maybe even make them hesitate slightly to click. If you have any suggestions yourself, please add them in the comments!

  1. Animals I ran over with my car
  2. Me and my new friends from fat camp
  3. My first day as garbage collector, the aftermath
  4. Uncensored pictures of my genitals
  5. Weird-looking male genitalia
  6. A day at the gay nudist beach
  7. Our visit to Taco Bell: before/after
  8. My first colonoscopy
  9. My jar of toenail clippings: day 129
  10. My collection of snails
  11. Indefinable things found between my teeth
  12. Stuff they discovered in our cesspool
  13. My exposed phalanx after the little kitchen accident
  14. The sewage leak in our basement
  15. One guy, one cup
  16. The night we all threw up
  17. NO goatse pics, I swear! LOL
  18. My liposuction and the bag of fat I got to take home
  19. That thing I do for a buck
  20. My collection of celebrity kidney stones
  21. My sex change
  22. Undercover in prison: the shower pictures
  23. Why my dog was making funny noises
  24. My knee after the skateboard accident
  25. The real reason I got fired from Burger King
  26. The cyst on my foot: week 3
  27. My circumcision: before/after
  28. Malignant pustules on my back
  29. Things from the back of my fridge that expired 4 years ago
  30. Close-ups of the legless beggar in our street
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