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Talk like a Pirate Day on Facebook

Ahoy, Jacks and wenches. today (September 19th) be Talk like a Pirate Day 2009 and we have a few treasures for you to celebrate it on Facebook. Arrrr!

To get you into a pirate mood, start by setting your Facebook language to “Pirate”. We posted easy instructions on how to do that earlier.

Next you have to change your name to a typical pirate name. We made a fun application for Facebook called Random Name Generators that does that, among other things. Just approve our application and generate your manly pirate name or lady pirate name. After today, you can find out your German, Harry Potter and other funny names with the same app.

We also suggest you create a special pirate profile picture just for today. We’ve found cut-out eye-patches and pirate hats for you, in these two printable PDF-files by cerado.com and leehansen.com. If you own a parrot, this would be the time for an owner-and-pet portrait. Don’t forget to look mean ‘n angrrrry.

Aye! Now for the rest of the day, run all the status updates you want to post through the “official” Talk like a Pirate translator first, and see how landlubbers react to your pirate lingo.

Farewell for now, me hearties, and shiver me timbers!

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