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Russian Facebook Roulette

We know you wouldn’t typically invite some friends over on a Friday night to play a game of Russian roulette, but would you consider playing it if not your life, but your Facebook account depended on it?

Ilya Malyanov and Christian Feist, students at the Miami Ad School in Berlin, designed a thrilling advertising campaign for Russian Standard Vodka around the concept of Russian Facebook Roulette, “the first social media game where you can lose your Facebook life.”

  • Invite 4 of your Facebook friends to play Russian Facebook Roulette. If they agree to play, they have to trust the game’s micro-site with the passwords so there’s no turning back.
  • Each player gets access to a real gun in an old Siberian factory, loaded with exactly one bullet. and on his or her turn has to spin the barrel and pull the trigger.
  • If your gun goes off, you lose access to your profile forever but not before you share your very last words on your wall. It may be a small comfort, but the actual bullet is then sent to you as a souvenir of your courage.
  • The survivors get a chance to win an unforgettable 7-day stay in Russia.

Russian Facebook Roulette

Check out the full video below to see the game in action:


This is just a concept, but would you have the guts to play? Maybe after a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka?

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